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About dnh search

dnh search is a national search and recruitment firm that was established in 1988. It is owned and operated by Donald Hanak.

Don Hanak has 47 years professional recruiting experience in the Construction Materials, Industrial Minerals and Mining Industries. Mr. Hanak is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).

dnh search is a member of the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) and Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME).

Our purpose is to provide client companies with the most sophisticated and professional services available. Our objective is to represent your best interests by acting as an effective extension of your recruiting effort. We want to service your personnel needs to your complete satisfaction.

There is never a charge to job candidates, as all fees are paid by the employer based on a contingency search. dnh search only charges a fee when we successfully complete a search assignment that results in a hire.

Our recruiting techniques are consistent in placing as much emphasis on finding the $40,000 Foreman as the $150,000 VP.

dnh search’s performance record, work ethic and high professional standards are unequaled in today’s marketplace. We are a frontrunner in innovative and dynamic techniques of successfully bringing companies and individuals together.

We enjoy a reputation for independence, objectivity and practical judgement, and above all, effective performance for client companies. We pride ourselves on achieving results for clients and building longstanding relationships through performance.

The best measure of a company’s success is the amount of repeat business that it generates. dnh search has a large national clientele which relies exclusively on dnh search for their personnel requirements. Ours is a very personal business. Our client relationships are the most cared-for elements of all.

dnh search provides a service that saves you time and money.

WE develop your job order in considerable detail so that we may completely understand your business and job requirement.

WE refer only qualified candidates as a result of careful screening and selection.

WE guarantee our placements.

WE contact you only when we have worthwhile information to impart.

WE check references to insure the accuracy of all information provided.

YOU gain the services of a consultant who ONLY specializes in the CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, MINING and INDUSTRIAL MINERALS industries.

YOU control cost since our service charges are on a contingency basis and apply only when we are successful.

YOU see candidates not actively looking or answering ads.

YOU maintain confidentiality - employees, competitors and the general public need not know of your plans.

YOU avoid advertising costs.

YOU may initiate an active recruiting assignment for highly specialized professionals. Our emphasis is on filling positions for clients - not on finding jobs for applicants.

YOU save time through timely and accurate feedback.

Profits begin with people. Is your company concerned with attracting the type of people who will have a direct effect on its profitability? Is your company concerned with using its key productive people - its hiring officials - in ways which will utilize their direct contribution to profit - and not have them overinvest their time in the expensive and tedious work of prescreening? If this describes your company - then dnh search is for you. We service companies who believe that “profits begin with people.”

If you are interested in filling a key position and require further clarification, please call. As consultants, we welcome inquiries. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our business or your company’s specific needs with regard to the present professional market - in confidence and without obligation.

A cordial welcome awaits you if you care to become more acquainted with us and the way we work.

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